Quarantine Endorsement

California Avocado and Citrus

What is the Quarantine Endorsement?
The Quarantine Endorsement (QE) adds coverage to your crop insurance policy to protect against a quarantine. If you elect the QE, it becomes part of the Crop Provisions for your crop. The QE does not increase the liability (or maximum coverage) provided by the policy. The QE only makes a loss from a quarantine a payable event.
What is a Quarantine?

A quarantine is an action taken by an appropriate authority (the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service or the California Department of Food and Agriculture) to control a specific pest that:

  • Requires the destruction of your insured crop or the plants on which your insured crop is growing; or
  • Does not permit the insured crop to be harvested, sold, transported, transferred, or otherwise restricts it from movement from the location where it was produced to the location of any buyer.

The QE is available for:

  • Avocados insured under the California Avocado Crop Provisions.
  • Citrus insured under the Arizona-California Citrus Crop Provisions or the Actual Revenue History Citrus Pilot Crop Provisions.

The QE may also be attached to written agreements for crops insured under these Crop Provisions.

Important Dates

Sales Closing/Cancellation

Citrus............................. November 20, 2024
Avocados....................... November 30, 2024

Acreage Reporting....................... January 15, 2024
Premium Billing.............................. August 15, 2024
End of Insurance

Citrus....................................... July 31, 2025
August 31, 2025

Avocados............................October 31, 2025

Coverage and Exclusions

Indemnities are payable if, due to a quarantine, there is a mandatory destruction of fruit, plants, or an unavoidable deterioration of the insured production during the quarantine.

Costs associated with tree replacement or any additional requirements of the quarantine order, including disposal, treatment, or labor are not covered.

The endorsement is not available for Catastrophic Risk Protection (CAT) coverage.

Cost of Quarantine Endorsement
An additional premium amount will be applied to cover the cost of this endorsement. The amount is determined by a percentage of the value of the crops at risk.
Loss Example

Assume, for the 2025 crop year, you are growing navel oranges, and you choose the Quarantine Endorsement to the Arizona-California Citrus Crop Provisions. For this example, your price election is $10.80 per carton.

    400 Cartons of Approved Yield
    x 50 Acres
 x 0.75 Coverage Level
15,000 Yield Guarantee

A quarantine is declared after you have harvested 10,000 cartons from the unit. Of these 10,000 cartons, a total of 1,000 cartons are in a warehouse on your farm and you are not allowed to move that production to the location of any buyer or processor. The fruit in these 1,000 cartons is marketable, as defined by the Crop Provisions, at the time the quarantine is declared. All remaining fruit on the trees and the harvest in the warehouse deteriorates during the quarantine and becomes unmarketable as fresh fruit. Under the terms of the Arizona-California Citrus Crop Provisions, navel oranges that are not marketable as fresh fruit are not included in the production-to-count.

Insurance ended on the 1,000 cartons when this quantity was removed from the field where it was grown. Therefore, this quantity must be included in the production-to-count since it was marketable during the insurance period. There is no production-to-count for the fruit that was not harvested since it is not marketable.

The indemnity would be calculated as follows:

   9,000 Delivered
+ 1,000 In the warehouse
  10,000 Cartons production-to-count

  15,000 Cartons (yield guarantee)
- 10,000 Cartons
    5,000 Cartons unit deficiency

    5,000 Cartons
x $10.80 Price election
x $1.000 Cartons unit deficiency
$54,000 Indemnity

Where to Buy Crop Insurance
All multi-peril crop insurance, including CAT policies, are available from private insurance agents. A list of crop insurance agents is available at all USDA service centers and on the RMA website at: www.rma.usda.gov/tools/agent.html.

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