Locate an Insurance Agent

The RMA Agent Locator page provides location and contact information about insurance agents. To find an agent in your area click here. For an overview of using the Agent Locator application click here.

Customer note: Agents may reside or have an office in one state/county, but sell and service policies in other states/counties. An agent authorized to sell livestock policies is NOT required to sell crop policies, and vice versa.

Update an Insurance Agent’s Information

All data is provided by approved insurance providers operating under a reinsurance agreement with RMA. If you are an agent and any information is inaccurate or missing, you must contact the company you are affiliated with to submit your corrections to RMA.

Additions or changes properly submitted by insurance providers to RMA will be available on our web site by the following Sunday evening. It is the responsibility of these insurance providers to accurately maintain this information.

Agents with an interest in selling crop or livestock insurance should contact an approved insurance provider.

Locate an Approved Insurance Provider (AIP)

The RMA AIP Listing page provides information about approved insurance providers. To find an approved insurance provider click here.

Contact Information

For more information, contact RMA Agent Locator Support.