2019 AOF Presentation

The Agricultural Outlook Forum (AOF) is the USDA’s largest annual meeting. This year’s past Forum was titled Growing Locally, Selling Gloablly. Along with the plenary panel discussion, attendees chose from numerous sessions with speakers and visited a host of agriculture-related exhibits. AOF is a platform facilitating conversation among those in the agricultural community, including producers, processors, policy makers, government officials, and both foreign and domestic non-government organizations, on key agricultural issues and topics.

USDA’s Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) administrator, Martin Barbre, spoke during a panel titled Outlook for Agricultural Risk Mitigation in the farm policy track:

Outlook for Agricultural Risk Mitigation

This session examines the multiple challenges and uncertainties to farm revenues and profitability. These challenges include weather-related risks, an extended period of low commodity prices, potential interest rate increases, uncertainties in trade, structural consolidation, and unknown implications of the Farm Bill.
Moderator: Richard Fordyce, Administrator, Farm Service Agency, Washington, DC

U.S. Macroeconomic Variables and National Agricultural Credit Conditions

The speaker will present an overview of agricultural credit conditions in the United States with a deep examination of the macroeconomic variables involved.
Speaker: Nathan Kauffman, Vice President and Omaha Branch Executive, Omaha Branch - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Omaha, Nebraska

Credit Risks in Large Agribusinesses

A discussion of the credit risks (and resulting business risks) for agribusinesses from the demographic trends and consolidation taking place in agriculture.
Speaker: Sam Funk, CEO/Managing Member and Executive Economist, AgServe.com, Defiance, Missouri

Growth of Large Farms and Financial Risk in U.S. Agriculture

The speaker will examine how changes in farm production and scale are affecting family farms' access to credit in uncertain times.
Speaker: Christopher Burns, Economist, Economic Research Service, Washington, DC

The Role of Crop Insurance in Agricultural Risk Mitigation

The speaker will highlight the benefits of crop insurance for mitigating agricultural risk and comment on Whole Farm Revenue and Pasture, Rangeland, Forage programs.
Speaker: Martin Barbre, Administrator, Risk Management Agency, Washington, DC

For more information about the Agricultural Outlook Forum and other sessions, visit: https://www.usda.gov/oce/forum/