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  • Q Are the published maps final and if not when will more details be announced?

    The maps indicate where expansions and flexibilities will be provided at a minimum. Your existing options will at least remain the same and many will have reduced written agreement administrative burdens and more options. RMA will continue to work with stakeholders over the next several months to finalize the details and requirements for obtaining insurance. All changes will be finalized prior to the November 30 contract change date.
  • Q What does permanent expansion mean?

    Permanent expansion means that in the county soybeans or grain sorghum following another crop are insurable. For example, a producer may plant a crop such as wheat, insure the wheat and then follow it with soybeans or grains sorghum which are also insurable.
  • Q What initial counties will have a permanent expansion?


    Grain Sorghum Map

    Grain Sorghum text (PDF | Excel)

    Soybean Map

    Soybean text (PDF | Excel)

  • Q What is a written agreement?

    A written agreements is the process a producer can go through to obtain individual crop insurance coverage in a county where soybeans and grain sorghum are not insurable after a first crop. The producer will work with their agent and Approved Insurance Provider (AIPs) to obtain coverage. AIPs and crop insurance agents are familiar with the written agreement process as it has long been a way producers in certain counties can obtain coverage when it is not permanently available for their specific crop or practice.
  • Q Where can I find resources about written agreements?

    A fact sheet that may be coming
  • Q I understand the counties in green will provide more written agreement flexibility including waiving history requirements or other flexibilities, when will we know the exact flexibilities?


    All of the counties in green will not require a producer to have previous double cropping history to obtain a written agreement for insurance. Additionally, in certain areas, a blanket written agreement may be available which further reduces the administrative burden for producers, agents, and AIPs. In general, this means a written agreement offer is available without a significant underwriting review.

    RMA will continue to work with stakeholders over the next few months to provide additional details on these flexibilities.

  • Q I understand the counties in yellow will now allow me to obtain insurance for double cropping by written agreement, when will we know the exact requirements and details?


    All of the counties in yellow will go through the normal underwriting process, which may include a history requirement in order to obtain a written agreement.

    RMA will continue to work with stakeholders over the next few months to provide additional details on the expansion of written agreements and any specific requirements.

  • Q How did you determine the counties?

    The areas were determined by general analysis of climate data, agronomic requirements, existing insurance availability, and historical double cropping acreage data. RMA is also working with ag experts and other interested parties to refine details and insurance requirements as necessary.
  • Q What if I feel like my county should have been included in these new flexibilities. Who should I contact?

    Written agreements may still be available in your county. Please reach out to your applicable regional office for more information.
  • Q There are other crops that could be double cropped in my region. Is RMA looking at crops besides grain sorghum and soybeans?

    While RMA is primarily focusing on soybeans and grain sorghum, we will continue to fine-tune these flexibilities and attempt to broaden this initiative to other commodities which are commonly double cropped. Although there have not been any specific changes to other commodities that are commonly double cropped at this time, some may already be insurable in your area. Please reach out to your regional office for additional information.