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March 31, 2015


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Robert Ibarra Deputy Administrator for Insurance Services /s/ Robert Ibarra    3/31/2015


2015 Crop Year (CY) Added Land Requests
The Risk Management Agency (RMA) continues to update its data processing systems under the Information Technology Modernization (ITM) project. RMA replaced the use of the Extranet Pilot SharePoint site with a Regional Office Exceptions (ROE) system for submitting crop year 2014 Requests for Actuarial Change forms. Beginning with the 2015 crop year, ROE is expanding to include RMA Regional Office (RO) Added Land requests. As a result, Added Land requests should be submitted as a type of Determined Yield into the ROE system.

For the 2015 crop year, starting with the date of this notice, Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) must submit RMA RO Added Land Request forms via electronic submission, mail or fax. The request will either be logged automatically with an electronic submission or the ROs will log these requests in ROE if received by mail or fax; therefore, creating a folder on the ROE Extranet SharePoint site.

Once the folder is created, AIPs will receive an email notification to upload the supporting documentation (DO NOT submit the supporting documentation via mail or fax). If the ROE email notification does not provide the AIP with at least three business days to upload supporting documentation to meet the deadline, contact the respective RO and the AIP will be granted three business days to upload the supporting documentation before the Added Land request is considered incomplete. If technical issues exist that prevent uploading the supporting documentation, contact the RO. The RO will review the request, make a determination, and place the response in the folder on the ROE Extranet SharePoint site.

Any 2015 RMA RO Added Land request submitted through the Extranet Pilot SharePoint site after the date of this notice will be returned for resubmission using the methods provided in this memorandum. This process change does not in any way alter deadlines for submission of RMA RO Added Land Request forms to the RO. If an Added Land request is received before the date of this notice, it will be up to the Regional Office which system to use in the processing of the request. For processing purposes only, Added Land requests will be categorized as a Determined Yield request type when logged into the ROE system. All Added Land procedure remains in effect.

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