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February 12, 2019


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Delores Dean, Acting Deputy Administrator for Insurance Services /s/ Delores Dean    2/12/2019


Nursery Catalog Submissions for the 2019 and Subsequent Reinsurance Years

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) modified the Regional Office Exceptions (ROE) system to store documents and other information for nursery catalogs, eliminating the need to use the Legacy SharePoint site for catalog submissions.

For the 2019 and subsequent Reinsurance Years (RY), Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) will submit all nursery catalogs through the ROE system using the existing R35 lite method described in the 2019 Appendix III to the Standard Reinsurance Agreement.


Beginning February 18, 2019, AIPs may submit 2019 RY nursery catalogs to ROE using the R35 lite method using an ExceptionRequestProcessCode of ‘NY’.

Once the nursery catalog submission is logged, ROE will automatically generate a SharePoint folder to hold the catalogs and checklist, and will send an email to the AIP using the email address in the R36 record submitted with the R35 lite record.

If, due to technical issues, an AIP is unable to submit the nursery catalogs electronically, it should contact the RMA Regional Office immediately. If necessary, the RO will accept the nursery catalog submission via email. The Regional Office will then review the submitted nursery catalogs and manually place any documents in the appropriate folder on the ROE Extranet SharePoint site.

The Regional Office will not respond to any nursery catalogs submitted through the Legacy SharePoint site after April 15, 2019.

This process change does not alter any deadlines or procedural requirements for nursery catalog submissions.


When incorporated into procedures.

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