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April 26, 2019


All Approved Insurance Providers
All Risk Management Agency Field Offices
All Other Interested Parties


Delores Dean, Acting Deputy Administrator for Insurance Services /s/ David L. Miller, for    4/26/2019


Revised 2020 Standard Reinsurance Agreement, Appendix IV, and TPEP/TPER Guidance

Informational Memorandum IS-19-002 stated that the Risk Management Agency (RMA) was in the process of implementing 2018 Farm Bill requirements that would result in the revision of some 2020 Stand4/26/ard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA) documents. RMA has revised section IV(b) of the SRA and section II(b)(1)(C) of Appendix IV, to implement 2018 Farm Bill requirements.

In addition, while not a 2018 Farm Bill requirement, RMA has revised section II (a)(1), section II(a)(2)(A)(i), section II(b)(2)(F), and section II(c)(2)(F) of the “Guidance for Updating the SRA Appendix IV Training and Performance Plan (TPEP) and Training and Performance Report (TPER)” to allow training and testing via an online format.

The revised documents are located on the RMA website at

Companies wishing to participate during the 2020 reinsurance year must submit a signed copy of the revised SRA by May 3, 2019 to their assigned account executive. Please direct any questions to Dave Miller at 202-720-9830.

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