Fiscally Responsible
  • The 10-year loss ratio meets target.
  • Improper payment rate has been under 3% for 8 consecutive years, one of the lowest improper payment rates in government.
  • Commodity review: Insurance rates are reviewed frequently and effectively using historical program experience.
  • Producer investments: $43.3 billion in premiums collected over the last 10 years.
Expanding America's Farm Safety Net
  • More products insured: 50 plus insurance products developed through the 508(h) process, overseen by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) Board.
  • Available Choices: 134 crops insured, up from 112 crops in 2000; 604 varieties insured, up from 325 varieties in 200; 36 types of plans, up from 20 plans in 2012.
  • Coverage level: producers have elected for higher coverage levels.
Working at RMA
  • Best place to work at USDA for 3 years in a row according to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.
Investing in Customer Service
  • Written agreements: Turnaround times reduced by 35% for individualized coverage applications during the pandemic, from 13.35 days to 8.74 days on average.
  • Public engagement: 700,000 public participants were engaged with in 2022 through RMA outreach efforts.
Growing the Risk Management Toolbox
  • Whole-Farm Revenue Protection:
    • insurable coverage increased from $8.5 million to $17 million;
    • 16.7K policies sold and $961.2 million in premiums received from 2015-2022;
    • reduced paperwork for easy reporting;
    • Micro Farm program added in 2022 to protect small, diversified producers.
  • Supplemental policies earning premium: policies have increased greatly since 2015.
  • Organic:
    • organic policies have increased greatly since 2013. From 2013 to 2022; a total of 86,685 policies have been sold and 12,996,020 acres have been insured;
    • top 10 organic commodities insured are 1-corn, 2-apples, 3-soybeans, 4-wheat, 5-blueberries, 6-almonds, 7-grapes, 8-peanut, 9-potatoes, 10-citrus fruit;
    • Producers have purchased organic coverage for 70 plus crops.